Australia: Losing Its Religion

The dramatic movement away from religious faith occurring within Western Europe, Scandinavia, UK, and Canada is now being experienced in the land Down Under.

The following data is via the Christian Research Monitor, and surveys the decline of religiosity in Australia from 1993 to 2009:

-The percentage of churchgoers is down from 23% to 16%

-Only 47% of people believe in God, down from 61% in 1993

-People who identify with a Christian denomination fell 20% to 50%

-Those with no religion rose from 27% to 43%

-Belief in life after death fell from 52% to 46%

-The percentage of people who believe in heaven dropped from 51% to 44%

-Those that thought miracles happened dropped to 34% from 41%

Next stop on the Jesus Farewell Tour? USA. We eagerly await the results from the 2010 census.

CJ Werleman

Author ‘God Hates You. Hate Him Back’ and soon to be released ‘Jesus Lied. He Was Only Human’

15 responses to “Australia: Losing Its Religion

  1. Can you give me a link to the “Christian Research Monitor” please?

  2. Citation needed.

    There’s apparently no such thing as Christian Research Monitor and you haven’t provided any links whatsoever.

  3. This post has made my day. Now we need to ensure that Science and Skepticism takes it’s place.

  4. Colin Nethercott

    News item from Wednesday’s UK Daily Mirror, titled ‘An Ash of God': ‘A famous 62-ft high statue of Jesus along a highway in Ohio has been struck by lightning in a thunderstorm and burned to the ground’. What is Jahweh up to this time?

  5. Aye. [[citation needed]] “Christian Research Monitor” does not find anything likely on Google.

  6. No real change though, at least not in the US–perhaps there is a small decline, but the religious right is making up for that with louder voices, longer complaints, and inciters like Rush and Glenn Beck flooding the airwaves with their vile obnoxiousness and fanaticism.

  7. I think this is where it all came from. Remember that census data is voluntary and that many atheists will decline to answer due to concerns about how this data can be misused.!OpenDocument

  8. Sometimes when it comes to following the news regarding various acts of religious nuttery it can get a bit depressing but when it comes to statistics on levels of belief it always seems to be good news.

    On the ‘Atheist in Church’ blog there is a piece on the general make up of UK church attendance and it would make grim reading for those trying to keep the Church alive and relevant. The vast bulk of CofE church goers seems to consist of people who have been coerced into attending because of our ludicrous schools selection system and the over sixties.

  9. Noshwat Somal

    I vote that all references to Hell now be referred to as “Down Under.”

  10. australia and the us need to move towards a belief system held by the indigenous. a belief in the dreamtime where mother earth is not raped til death.

  11. There is a typo, this report actually come from the “Christian Research Association”

  12. @Noshwat Somal I live in Australia and I have to second your motion :-)

  13. Hi CJ, not sure if you know this, but Atheist Revolution picked up your article and ran it.

    Despite the fact that this is effectively a biased source, I honestly do not see this occuring in practice.

    Religiosity is just as prevalent as ever. Certainly Gen Y have less believers than non-believers, but even with them, the non-religious are no where near any form of minority.

    When the census comes out later this year, here’s hoping that the questions are better phrased to capture a more honest result in this regard.


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