Islamists Respond to “Everyone Draw Muhammad Day”


May 20th, 2010 was a day when secularists and free thinkers united across optical fiber cables to post their own cartoons, sketches, and portraits of Islam’s chief protagonist, Muhammad. The day was instigated on Facebook, ‘Everyone Draw the Prophet Muhammad Day’, symbolizing a free speech protest against the violent acts perpetrated against those that have been murdered or threatened in recent times for depicting the 6th century patriarch of Islam.

Predictably, the return fire came swift. How? Well, if ‘Draw Muhammad Day’ was an atheist led home invasion, the Islamic response has been via the use of ‘disproportionate force’, in adopting “Everyone Draw the Holocaust Day”.  The contrast couldn’t be starker. A few atheists got together to celebrate free speech and opposition to violence, whereas a few radical Muslims are initiating the celebration of 6 million dead Jews.

Despite my disgust, however, I think this is a great thing. Not only are we recognizing their right to free speech but also their actions serve as a reminder of history. They are reminding us on where a majority of the Muslim world stood on the issue of Jewish genocide during the 1930-40s.

When Hitler seized power in 1933, news of the Nazi takeover was enthusiastically welcomed by the Arab masses. In fact, the first congratulatory telegrams the Fuhrer received upon being appointed Chancellor came from leaders of Arab capitals. Shortly after, parties that imitated the Nazis were founded throughout the Middle East, such as the “Hisb-el-qaumi-el-suri” (PPS) or Social Nationalist Party in Syria. In Egypt, Hitler became affectionately known as “Abu Ali”.

Moreover, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin el-Husseini, the Islamic equivalent of the Pope, welcomed Hitler as the “Father of the Arabic World”. Further, in an introductory speech, he called the Jews the “most fierce enemies of the Muslims” and an “ever corruptive element” in the world.

The Mufti became an honored guest of the Nazi leadership and met on numerous occasions with Hitler, in Berlin. Historical documents show that he personally lobbied Hitler against the German plan to allow the Jews to leave Hungary, fearing they would flee to Palestine. He also intervened when Adolf Eichmann tried to broker an agreement with the UK government to exchange German POWs for 5000 Jewish children who also could have fled to Palestine. The Mufti’s protests were heard and actioned, resulting in the children being sent to death camps in Poland instead.

In 1943, the Mufti traveled to Bosnia, where on orders of the SS he recruited the notorious “Hanjar troopers”, a special Bosnian Waffen SS company which slaughtered 90% of Bosnia’s Jewish population. In fact, the Bosnian Muslim recruits rapidly found favor with SS chief Heinrich Himmler, who established a special Mullah Military school in Dresden.

So, we can thank these radical Islamists for the creation of “Everyone Draw the Holocaust Day” Facebook page, because many of us may have forgotten this ugly chapter of Islamic-Arab history.

Thank Allah, for free speech.

CJ Werleman

Author ‘God Hates You. Hate Him Back’ (Making Sense of the Bible)

27 responses to “Islamists Respond to “Everyone Draw Muhammad Day”

  1. I can’t find the ‘Everybody Draw the Holocaust Day’ group on Facebook, I wonder if they took it down? I hope not, I don’t like suppression of free speech even if these guys are missing the point and inadvertently drawing attention to a piece of their own history which invites even more criticism. They should have the freedom to be jackasses for the exact same reason that I should have the freedom to call them jackasses.

  2. @advertisinglies FB admins may have taken it down, or they may have dropped it on the threat of takedown.
    IIRC, there was a Draw Muhammed Day FB event which was threatened with takedown because of racist content.
    The problem with organising this stuff on FB is that you’ll always get at least one idiot who says the wrong thing and sets off the mod squad.

    I respect their right to call us jackasses, to ironically draw attention to a nasty piece of their own history, and to draw pictures of..well, the Holocaust.
    This is so much more constructive than the death threats and bombings. If we had image wars instead of real wars, the world might be slightly more peaceful.

  3. So basically, these ‘Islamists’ are not only ignorant and intolerant, but childish as well. It’s *almost* amazing to how they do more to their own cause than their enemies ever could!

  4. Nice article. One mistake though – you wrote “children being sent to death camps in Poland”. What remained of camps is now on Polish territory, but back then it was German land.

    I agree, they have a right to do it, though it’s not the same as ‘Draw Mo’ Day’. Our thing was about freedom and fun, theirs is about revenge and hate. Bad thing is many of participants didn’t get the objective of this day and were depicting Mohammed naked or sucking dick. It was childish and, at least in my opinion, this day wasn’t about hating Muslims.

  5. I would want to shed light on the fact that the Arab leaders welcomed exiled Jews from Nazi Germany during the Holocaust into Jordan as a place to live. The implication seemed that Arabs/Muslims loved celebrating the Holocaust from the start.

  6. Nicely done. I somehow managed to miss this entire chapter of WW2 history–I appreciate your filling in the blanks for me.

    And I’m a fan of irony: “How dare you tell us it’s ok to draw anything you like! We will now protest by drawing something.”


  7. Well I completely agree with rights of freedom of speech. I’m so confused about Bosnia and WWII that I don’t know where to start. I’ll start with Bosnia wasn’t a country until 1995. Then I’ve never heard of the ” Hanjar Troops” and I have studied Yugoslavia (lived there for a while too) extensively. Even talked with a concentration camp survivor after attending Temple. So I think WWII has enough horrors without fictional ones being added to it.

  8. Because the “Everyone Draw Muhammad Day” was totally a Jewish conspiracy…

  9. Hey, the holocaust wasn’t just about Jews. Do some research.

  10. “Only” half the people in the holocaust was jews. Not to belittle their cause but facts are facts.

  11. You are a liar. Your complete post is full of propaganda. Muslims never welcomed Hitler. Instead Muslims of Palestine welcomed Jews and gave them shelter. How did the Jews reciprocate our gesture? By taking over our own land and killing the people who gave them shelter from Hitler.

  12. Zlata,

    Hardly fictional, as you claim. A simple search on google to wikipedia would be a good palce to start.

    In fact, this was a part of history I wasn’t even very familair with and this post got me interested in doing a bit more reading. Nice post :D

    • Sorry I’m old school, I like books. In Robert Donia’s “Sarajevo a Biography”, I did find a mention of this Handzar Division. He states “the division contributed little to the German war effort, and its brief history was far from illustrious.” I’m not claiming horrible things didn’t happen because it was wartime and the Balkans but pointing out one group’s crimes over an other has caused far too many problems. It will continue to do so until people choose instead to embrace the “common life”.

  13. Hitler, Muhammad, Stalin and gawd approve

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  16. @ Nyarlathotep
    Glad Wikipedia is never wrong.

    • Zlata,

      I never made any claims as to the veracity of the information on Wikipedia, but a cursory search would show you that something like that did exist, which is all I was trying to point out. You said you were unfamiliar with it, then you implied it a fictional creation. The point of posting a Wikipedia link was to provide information, nothing more. I wasn’t making any claims as to their effectiveness in combat or their contribution to the German war effort.

      I’m not trying to be snarky or anything either so there is no need to be as such to me.

      I also am a fan of books and looking that up has now provided me with more reading material.

  17. givesgoodemail

    I think we should wholeheartedly join in on Everyone Research Holocaust Day.

    We can bury these hate-mongers in avalanches of facts–records, videos, eyewitness accounts, the whole nine yards.

  18. I was reading, with slack jaw, the comments left by Muslims on Facebook’s pseudo-retaliatory page “Everybody draw Holocaust day (30 June 2010)” –!/pages/Everybody-draw-Holocaust-day-30-June-2010/125126400846347?v=wall

    I’m not in the habit of drooling and I do know how to shut my mouth when necessary, but it was quite evident that the Muslims contributing to the discussion on the FB wall of this page were not only naive and juvenile by nature, but also easily influenced, simple to incite and not prone to shutting their own mouths, even when they indicate they know what they’re doing (anti-Semitism) is a criminal act in their respective countries! Check out the link above and …. maybe wear a bib.


  19. Noshwat Somal

    Okay, let me get this straight…

    Atheists offend Muslims on a global scale.

    Muslims retaliate by offending Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, mentally ill, Gypsies, blacks, and most other non-whites.

    What offends an atheist? I think in a roundabout way this is working. Being devout offends us. And I am guessing that reverting to anti-Semitism is as devout as you can get for a Muslim. We get offended by proxy.

  20. j.p.christiansen

    The Old Man And The Cartoon.

    Once upon a time,
    in a country small, up north,
    near close to sea and fjord,
    so peaceful and pleasantly agreeable,
    there lived an innocent and friendly old man
    who loved to draw cartoons to express his thought.

    He looked out upon the great, wide, wonderful world,
    and to his amazement found religious strife and killings
    practiced by people called Muslims.

    Living, as he did, among fellow, open-minded citizens
    who valued human life and human values above all else,
    he decided to draw the prophet of Islam in a cartoon.

    The image which appeared, like magic, on his paper,
    was of the prophet’s head wrapped in a turban,
    and in the turban rested a round, black, lit bomb.

    People first thought the prophet was about to commit suicide,
    but, after contemplating the drawing for awhile,
    it became apparent some other meaning might be hidden.

    Some of the believers of the religion called Islam,
    lived in the small country, up north,
    and when they saw the cartoon of their beloved prophet
    depicted in such a blasphemous manner,
    thought it might be a good idea to show the cartoon
    to other followers of their beloved, peaceful religion.

    They set upon a journey to countries far away in the big world,
    where they soon found other adherents of their religion.
    Together they decided the cartoon might be of use
    to incite hatred of the heathens, up north,
    and so it came to pass,
    dear children,
    that masses of Muslims went out to burn and kill.

    They wanted to show the small, peaceful country,
    up north,
    that people, of different faiths and opinions on life,
    had better temper their freedom to think, talk, and act,
    ‘cause if they didn’t,
    the prophet’s holy men and warriors would come after them.

    The religious leaders of Islam pronounced that the old man
    should die for having drawn their prophet in unflattering light,
    and he had to go into hiding from the theistic thugs hot on his trail.

    The old man survived for several years,
    and one day he got an invitation to travel to a big country
    on the other side of the ocean.

    It appeared that certain folks, over there, in America,
    wished to hear the tale of the old man and his cartoon.
    He learned that in America many different people and religions
    co-existed mostly in peace,
    and that America might be a safe place to show himself.

    When he arrived,
    he learned that many people were afraid of him and his cartoon,
    and that only a very few newspapers and television-stations
    had dared show the cartoon to their viewers.

    He realized that many inhabitants of America
    were somewhat immature in their intellectual convictions,
    and had to be protected from their own mental habits
    by not being exposed to certain images and words.

    The old man thought it humorous that editors of print and image
    would tow the line of a mentally unstable person and his believers;
    after all, weren’t these moderns atheists, Christians, Jews, or Other?

    He went on to be interviewed by reporters and T.V. personalities,
    and soon found out that the believers of Christianity and Judaism,
    in particular, showed support for the old man and his cartoon,
    some even calling him a hero and fighter for freedom of expression.

    Being an old and wise man, he knew they supported him
    because various religions tend to dislike each other,
    and by praising the old man, could gain support for their own religion.

    This type of behavior of conversion, dear children,
    has been playing-out for many, many centuries…
    ever since the so-called prophets of religion
    suffered their psychotic episodes of hallucinations and visions
    to be imposed on the rest of the world.

    Once upon a time,
    in a country small, up north,
    near close to sea and fjord,
    an old man drew a cartoon of a prophet’s head with a lit bomb in his turban,
    and guess what, children,
    nobody knew that beneath the big, black, lit bomb,
    there nested many little bomblets waiting to go out in the big, wide world
    to spread the good words and news about Islam.

    Good night, children, and sleep well.

  21. u guys are jackass yourself
    u talk about freedom of speech lets do one thing i will draw the picture of your mother naked and then you appreciate me by looking at it you and your freedom of speech goes all the way to gutter when we say any thing to you or your religion
    you want freedom say stuff to ypour religion you dont believe in islam anyways so leave it its a big lie for you all
    ok talk about truth your religion is truth start drawing about that like jews shoud draw for holocaust and christian i dont know they already darw and make fun of their selves and yeah i wont leave atheist you shoud draw pictures of yourslef hahahahhahah

  22. Noshwat Somal

    Well, that was incoherent. At best.

  23. Maisha

    Thank you. Your inane twaddle neatly encapsulates everything that is moronic about religiots of all persuasions and ergo why humanity would be so much better off without the curse of the stupidity of religion.

  24. ok let me draw the naked picture of marcus’s mother

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