Top 10: Things Christians Don’t Know

In my experience debating or discussing the Christian faith there appears to be a huge disconnect in terms of biblical literacy between scholars versus your average Sunday churchgoer. Naturally this is to be expected but I am sure Mr and Mrs Happy Clapper would be troubled to learn the following:

1. There is nothing of Jesus outside of the Bible. No artifacts. No self-written manuscripts. No independent historical records to show that such a man walked the earth. It is therefore not historical fact, as Christians like to assert, that Jesus ever lived.

2. We have not a single eye-witness account of the life of Jesus. The gospels, whose identities we do not know, wrote their respective biographies of Jesus almost a century after the alleged date of Jesus’ death. Furthermore, the gospels. most probably, were not even from the same region or nation as Jesus.

3. Jesus was a racist, and he would have rolled in his grave had he learned that Paul preached to the Gentiles (non-Jews). Jesus made it quite clear that his mission was only to heal or save the ‘lost sheep of Israel’. Further, on one occasion, he called a non-Hebrew woman a “dog” which was as cruel an insult anyone could make at that time.

4. Jesus was rude to his mother on no less than three occasions. What ever happened to ‘Honor thy parents’? Further, disrespecting one’s parents was punishable by death under Mosaic Law.

5. That the four gospels narrate vastly different accounts regarding the birth of Jesus; his baptism; his ministry; his trial; his execution, and his resurrection. Not only are there many differences but further troubling is that many are irreconcilable discrepancies.

6. Mark’s reason for Jesus’ death is that his sacrifice was required to make atonement for sin. Whereas Luke’s view is that salvation comes not via atonement but via forgiveness through repentance. Forgiveness and atonement are far from the same thing.

7. Matthew writes that passage to the kingdom of heaven is earned via following the law to the letter and in believing in Christ. Whereas Paul writes that observance of the law will only serve to make salvation problematic, and thus he states that Christians only need believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus to be saved. So which is it?

8. One study found that 65% of Americans cannot name more than 6 of the first 10 commandments, and it is my feeling that 99% do not know any of the additional 603 commandments decreed to Moses. A great number of these laws would shock and appall Sunday Christians, from selling your daughter into sexual slavery, to executing your child for talking back.

9. Jesus promised his followers 36 times that he would return before his contemporaries would see death. 50 generations later and he has yet to fulfill his promise. I think it safe we presume him clinically DEAD! 

10. Jesus did not know his reason to die. “Father why have you forsaken me”. But in John he welcomes his death, “into your arms I come”

CJ Werleman

Author ‘God Hates You. Hate Him Back’ (Making Sense of the Bible) or available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble

21 responses to “Top 10: Things Christians Don’t Know

  1. Hi CJ

    While I have poined out the first two to Christians and to others for over 55 years, I did not know of the others.
    So thank you for the information.


  2. about #10… those words are actually the beginning of Psalm 22, one written by King David. They’re there in the gospels to show him as finding comfort in or realizing his fulfillment of prophesy.

  3. Sometimes a Christian will bring up some supposed comments made by the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus as an example of secular proof JC was a real person. So I point out the following to them.

    1. Flavius Josephus was not even born until 37 CE which is years after JC was supposedly “doing his thing” And thus he is most certainly no eyewitness to JC being a real person.

    2. Each writer has as style of writing and the two paragraphs referring to JC in his
    writings are NOT written in Josephus
    style of writing.

    3. These two paragraphs are OUT of context with the rest of the contents
    of the story they were inserted into.

    Therefore, any thinking person would know those two paragraphs are forgeries. Just more Christian Lies to add to the many others they constantly tell in their feeble attempts to justify their childish myth.

  4. Could you add the parts of the Bible (book, chapter, verse) for this list. I would love to print this out and use it at this years family Xmas.

  5. Number one is a bit slippery ” There is nothing of Jesus outside of the Bible” because the Bible was not a single cohesive book written by one author (I’m sure I don’t need to convince you on that one). The Bible is really a library of books that relate the Jesus. If all the books about Jesus have been lumped together in one volume then you might not expect to see many other Jesus books around the place.

    • Very good argument! Thanks.

    • It may indeed be that the bible is really the complete set of books about Jesus (I can see the stone-age QVC person: “We’ve gathered together the entire Jesus series, including all the fan fic into one easy to carry volume and, if you act now, we’ll throw in the old testatment for free!”) but if that’s really the case, it’s pretty pitiful. I have more books about Land Rovers than that and I suspect there are quite a few books about Elvis. I know I’ve seen a lot about Obama — does that make him more godly than Jesus?

    • Though your argumentation is correct, if we chose to accept this as evidence, Lord of the rings is also true. There are a couple of books written about it by Tolkien, and there are a lot of fanfiction books/chapters/articles written about it. So trow all those together and you get yourself a story which could be believed as true.

  6. #1 is a bit off, because we do have mentions of him, at least, though nothing like what the Bible claims. There are records of people worshiping him as a god and dying in his name.

    #2 is also a bit off, because the consensus date for the earliest gospel seems to fall well within 40-50 years after his presumed death.

    But yes, a fantastic list, regardless.

  7. Hi All,

    Quite a few requests via here and Twitter to elaborate with Bible references to these points. Accordingly, I will post a revised post to reflect this request.

    NB: My Top 10 blog posts are written with brevity in mind, and often posted from my BlackBerry while on the run.

    Hope to post addendum tomorrow.

    Kind regards

  8. Hey Nick,

    go to

    And you will find all kinds of quotes with the information you are seeking

  9. johnnywharfedale

    #1 could be argued with, as there are supposed texts relating to time jesus spent in India and Tibet. (As well as France and Britain).

    A google for Jesus and Buddhist should help!

  10. There are all kinds of books on Harry Potter and he is not any more real than is JC.

    There is NO Secular proof JC existed for the simple reason he did NOT exist. He is NOT, and NEVER was a REAL PERSON!



    1. Those reporting on the happenings of the time would have most certainly reported on:

    A. Some guy going around and performing “miracles” and who had many followers

    B. Was reported to be born of a virgin

    C. Had the army after him.

    D. A BIG trial.

    E. Was Crucified and then ROSE FROM the DEAD!

    That Children, is BIG NEWS and damn well would have been reported on IF it HAD Actually Happened!

    2. The Catholic Church would have:

    A. Treated him as sa if he was a real person for the FIRST 300 plus years of it’s existence.

    B. NOT waited until they pissed at the pagans freed from being slaves because they said they were Christians kept celebrating Pagan Holidays to celebrate his birth

    C. Had JC really been born, they would have celebrated his birth on the actual date it happened and NOT STEAL the then date of a Pagan Party called Winter Solstice.

  11. We have no original copies of the books that form the bible. The bible itself was created until the Council of Nicea in 326 C.E. It’s important to understand that up to that date each possible contender book had its own legion of loyal fans pushing for its inclusion in the final bible. Some won and some lost such as the Gnostic books.

    In the end it all came down to who had more political clout.

    Even then, since we have no originals, it’s naive to conclude that the books in the bible haven’t been massaged to match the church agenda.

  12. Christ=Fable
    There is no god! HAHAHA……..

  13. Actually, there are over 25,000 named gods which people have believed in. And to “believers” their gods are as real as anything else.

    Believers are so programmed into their beliefs, they do not realize the ONLY place ANY god exists (other than in stories) are IN THE MINDS of those who believe in them.

    As they do NOT exist in the real world, and other for the acts committed by their believers due to their belief what they are doing is their gods will, NO god has ANY power what so ever.

    There is NO proof ANY god is more real than is any other god. And there is NO proof of ANY god!

  14. Here is a good one I was sent:

  15. Well here’s a response from a pretty average church-goer:

    #1 – Tacitus mentions Jesus. Josephus does twice, although one of these is doctored.

    #2 – Matthew and John are both most likely eyewitnesses. We know this because of keys in the text, as well as early literature (eg Papias) says so.

    #3 – Is taken out of context. When I looked into this, I found out that the word used does not seem not intended to be derogatory like is implied here. And then of course, there’s the good Samaritan.

    #4 – You’ll need to be more specific here.

    #5 – They read like any different accounts of the same events would. In fact, another accusation people level at them is that they are too similar… :-)

    #6 – Both are right. Jesus death and resurrection means that there can be both justice and forgiveness.

    #7 – I am not sure exactly which part of Matthew you are referring to.

    #8 – Well that’s a bit of a trick question, because protestants and catholics divide up the ten differently. But off the top of my head:

    1) Don’t put other ‘gods’ before God
    2) Don’t worship idols
    3) Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain
    4) Honour your father and mother
    5) Keep the Sabbath holy
    6) Don’t murder
    7) Don’t steal
    8) Don’t bear false witness
    9) Don’t commit adultery
    10) Don’t wish for your neighbor’s stuff or his wife.
    Exodus 13: If your enemy’s donkey falls in a ditch, help him.

    I admit I had trouble remembering number 9 :-) How did I do?

    9. Perhaps preterism or semi-preterism is true. I’m a regular Christian guy and don’t claim to be an expert, and so it’s never particularly bothered me.

    10. Jesus knew exactly what he was doing quoting the passage he did: “My Lord, why have you forsaken me” is the beginning of Psalm 22, a messianic Psalm:

  16. It seems “Chuckie”
    did not read the other comments or is just too programed to consider them.

  17. Read “The Third Peacock” by Robert F Capon. A. it’s fun, B. it will enlarge you.

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